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Stand out as a presenter with CARE


Why should you CARE for your audience? The answer is simple. The Law of Reciprocity. It basically says that when someone offers you a gift, care or support you tend to feel compelled to reciprocate. Of course there will be times when you offer without having the intention to receive anything back. However, the chances are high that you will always receive something back. It may not be something tangible. It may just be the feeling of joy, happiness and peace in contributing to another. Giving and receiving is part of building relationships and trust. These are essential ingredients in successfully [...]

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Believe in yourself…..Even when you don’t feel like it…..


Have you had moments in your life where you feel absolutely great and confident with what you have to offer to the world? (and hence in your speech/presentation) Have you also had moments where you are not too sure about what is it that makes you great? As your doubts rolls into a gigantic ball of fear, you are faced with a situation where you have to "appear" to be super confident and charismatic, like speaking to a group of audience. As our inner critic continues to chatter, reminding us of all the reasons why we are not good enough, we [...]

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Dealing With Unexpected Hiccups When Delivering a Presentation


Regardless of how many times you have delivered the same presentation, I can guarantee you that each experience is different when it comes to speaking to a group of live audience. I recently delivered a presentation to a group of professionals on how to effectively use their body language to communicate. I really wanted everything to be perfect for this presentation. I prepared diligently and ticked everything off the checklist. However, only 5 seconds into the presentation and a “heel” situation occurred. As I was about to take my first step in front of audience, I realised one of my high [...]

Dealing With Unexpected Hiccups When Delivering a Presentation2018-06-17T11:18:41+10:00

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