Regardless of how many times you have delivered the same presentation, I can guarantee you that each experience is different when it comes to speaking to a group of live audience.

I recently delivered a presentation to a group of professionals on how to effectively use their body language to communicate. I really wanted everything to be perfect for this presentation.

I prepared diligently and ticked everything off the checklist. However, only 5 seconds into the presentation and a “heel” situation occurred.

As I was about to take my first step in front of audience, I realised one of my high heels is stuck in the gap between the wooden decking.

I was surprised how unfazed I was with this “potentially very embarrassing moment” that would have send many, including myself into a panic.

The “old” me would have been extremely flustered. I would have most likely stayed on the one spot and not moved until I completely delivered the presentation like a robot. It would have been pretty disappointing considering I am delivering a presentation around “Using Body Language”.

What I mean by the “old” me is the person I was before all the training, practice, and development that has helped me become a more Empowered Speaker.

Without much “down” time, I quickly remove my heels, put it to the side and announce to the audience that I do not need the heels to effectively deliver the presentation.

Most importantly, the hiccup did not send my “inner critic” into an overdrive like it would have in the past.

The “heel” moment made me realise that through continuously learning to become an Empowered Speaker, I now experience freedom in the face of adversity.

A huge part of this breakthrough is in re-defining what I say to myself when dealing with unexpected hiccups.

What do you say to yourself when you experience hiccups? What can you say to yourself that will help empower you in the moment?

Your ability to deal with unexpected hiccups quickly and powerfully will assure your audience that you are focused on them! (and not YOU).

This is one of the key successes of an Empowered Speaker.

At Empowered to Speak, we place great importance in helping you develop your confidence in dealing with unexpected hiccups when delivering a presentation.