When I first started my journey in public speaking, I have been told numerous times to Fake it Till you Make it!!

I can be dramatic but faking it? I don’t think so.

It is a challenge to project confidence especially when you first start to stand up and speak.

The worse thing that you can do to make yourself even more nervous is to pretend to be someone who is already an expert and needing to “get it right”.

Even experienced speakers out there have moments of mental blank, speeches that went in a different direction or dealing with unexpected audience reaction (that has never happened before).

In 2006, I attended an interview with BBC in London and I really really really wanted the job!!

5 minutes into the interview, the manager John decided to ask me a question that made my heart dropped.

I did not know the answer.

Instead of attempting to formulate some stories or trying to appear to know the answer, I gave him a straight “Well I don’t know”. 

It felt good to be able to say that but at the same time I knew that it could potentially cost me the job.

The interview ended very shortly after that and I thought that I blew it.

2 hours later, I received a call from the recruiter telling me that I got the job!!

After working with John for a while, I decided to ask him why did he decided to hire me.

He said I was the only candidate that was honest enough to admit the fact that I did not know the answer.

Honesty is a great quality to have in a candidate. (or a speaker, a manager, a co-worker, a partner)

The world has become more acceptable of flaws, and now we celebrate authenticity and “keeping it real” (hence, the rise in demand for reality tv shows and youtube videos)

Whether you are speaking, attending an interview or go about on your day to day interaction with others, your honesty and ability to be someone that others see as genuine is the key to establishing trust and rapport with those around you.

Give yourself permission to Keep it Real!!

Do not fake it because any moments of doubt or uncertainty will result in losing your audience’s trust.

It is easier said than done for it is very natural for us to want to protect ourselves from being embarrassed or not being liked.

On top of that, you are concern with the techniques, flow, timing and remembering everything that you are meant to say.

However, there’s a solution to this!! Practice. Refine. Practice some more.

One of our core passion at Empowered to Speak is to create programs and workshops that will provide you with an opportunity to practice your speaking skills in a safe and supportive space, learn the techniques and gain clarity on a speaking style that brings out the authentic speaker in you.

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