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Fake it till you make it? I don’t think so…..


When I first started my journey in public speaking, I have been told numerous times to Fake it Till you Make it!! I can be dramatic but faking it? I don't think so. It is a challenge to project confidence especially when you first start to stand up and speak. The worse thing that you can do to make yourself even more nervous is to pretend to be someone who is already an expert and needing to "get it right". Even experienced speakers out there have moments of mental blank, speeches that went in a different direction or dealing with unexpected [...]

Fake it till you make it? I don’t think so…..2019-08-07T16:40:21+10:00

Believe in yourself…..Even when you don’t feel like it…..


Have you had moments in your life where you feel absolutely great and confident with what you have to offer to the world? (and hence in your speech/presentation) Have you also had moments where you are not too sure about what is it that makes you great? As your doubts rolls into a gigantic ball of fear, you are faced with a situation where you have to "appear" to be super confident and charismatic, like speaking to a group of audience. As our inner critic continues to chatter, reminding us of all the reasons why we are not good enough, we [...]

Believe in yourself…..Even when you don’t feel like it…..2018-06-17T11:18:41+10:00

Shift your Focus and Expand your World


Have you ever wondered what would life be like if you were someone else? I used to think the person that I was born as and the girl that I knew as myself was as good as it gets. Back then, I didn't think much of myself. I was driven but not by the right things. I was afraid to live. I constantly had the fear of not being good enough. My life was limited to what I know and my low self-esteem stopped me from living a fulfilling life. Thankfully around 12 years ago, I came across this wonderful person [...]

Shift your Focus and Expand your World2018-06-17T11:18:41+10:00

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