Stand out as a presenter with CARE


Why should you CARE for your audience? The answer is simple. The Law of Reciprocity. It basically says that when someone offers you a gift, care or support you tend to feel compelled to reciprocate. Of course there will be times when you offer without having the intention to receive anything back. However, the chances are high that you will always receive something back. It may not be something tangible. It may just be the feeling of joy, happiness and peace in contributing to another. Giving and receiving is part of building relationships and trust. These are essential ingredients in successfully [...]

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Is Being Tongue Tied at Work holding you Back from Career Progression? The answer is …


Is Being Tongue Tied at Work holding you Back from Career Progression?  The answer is most likely a YES!! Of course there are some slight exceptions to the rule - in the case where you are an absolute genius in what you do and the success of your career does not require engaging with others. In most cases, we are part of a network of people (including our peers, our boss or managers, and our customers). Our ability to articulate and share our thoughts, ideas and feedback is an essential skill which makes a great leader (and someone that others would [...]

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The Power of A Conversation


The common misconception that we get with the work that we do at Empowered to Speak, is that we are ONLY helping people with their public speaking skills. We definitely help people to become more effective public speakers, but beyond that we are passionate about helping people define who they are, develop greater confidence in expressing themselves and effectively communicating their message to one or to many. A couple of common responses that I receive from people who share this misconception are :- "I don't need to speak in public" "I am already a good public speaker" The way our programs [...]

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