Is Being Tongue Tied at Work holding you Back from Career Progression?  The answer is most likely a YES!!

Of course there are some slight exceptions to the rule – in the case where you are an absolute genius in what you do and the success of your career does not require engaging with others.

In most cases, we are part of a network of people (including our peers, our boss or managers, and our customers).

Our ability to articulate and share our thoughts, ideas and feedback is an essential skill which makes a great leader (and someone that others would love to work and engage with)

Let’s explore the reasons WHY some of us are more prone to being tongue tied than others.

1. Fear of NOT getting it RIGHT

In the midst of a meeting, someone fairly “senior” in the organisation asks a question to the group, which you have an answer for. The words reaches to the back of your throat and somehow, can’t find its way out of your mouth!!

Your fear of not giving the “right” answer or that your response will be considered ridiculous stops you from speaking out.

The fear of embarrassing yourself in front of the entire senior management team is greater than your desire to be seen and heard.

2. Where do you Start?

Your mind is churning ideas and you don’t know where to start.

After starting, all you kept doing is rambling on with ideas but as you sit yourself down, you wonder what was the point that you were trying to make?

From that moment on, you promise yourself that you will not make a fool out of YOU again….ever!!

3. They are not going to like what I have got to say

Do you have a serious need to be “liked”….by EVERYONE?

You want to remain agreeable and not having to step out and risk being the ODDBALL.

Therefore, you decide it’s best to just keep quiet and remain as still as the furniture as that’s the safest position to be in.


Guess what? By not giving yourself a chance to step out and speak up, you are not being of value to those around you and you are certainly not valuing what you have got to share with your community.

In order to progress in your career, there’s a need to hone in on this very essential skill of speaking and be seen as someone who is a leader that is not afraid to voice their opinion.

You are your greatest asset and it is important to invest in developing your ability to communicate articulately under all circumstances.

Of course, effective communication is not just about speaking but your listening skills are equally as important too.

Being tongue tied is especially common when it comes to responding to ad hoc questions or requests.

By adopting some of the simple and effective strategies we teach at the short course Think Quick Skills in Communication, you will be more confident to speak up at the next meeting or put their hand up to deliver a presentation at a short notice.

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