Our story

“A Soy Latte and a Flat White please”.

The only aspect of our business that has remained constant!

From our first casual catch up in 2014 to today’s successful business partnership, meetings have started with the same order in many of Melbourne’s best cafes.

Nothing else has remained static. Every meeting generates new ideas and energy as we explore different opportunities.

Our motivation comes from the results we achieve in supporting people to develop their communication skills.

Increased confidence and effectiveness empowers our participants to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Having met as members of the same Toastmasters International club, we have inspired each other through our respective passions, skills and abilities. Identifying that we have shared goals and values formed the basis of a wonderful friendship and a solid business partnership.

Empowered to Speak was established in April 2015 and launched a month later with the first “Prepare to Speak” half day workshop.

Since then, we have delivered numerous successful public and corporate workshops.

Time to plan our next step –

“A Soy Latte and a Flat White please”.

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Who we are
Who we are

Our purpose

To empower people to communicate with confidence and effectively engage and influence others.

What’s important to us

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