Foundations of Success

Foundations of Success is a 5 weeks program that empowers participants to embrace, rather than fear public speaking opportunities.

Many people are looking to improve their confidence and skills in talking to groups for specific reasons. They may want to prepare for an event where they would like (or be expected) to deliver a talk. A family occasion, a social celebration or a workplace presentation all provide opportunities to impress others and derive a great feeling of self empowerment. There is a goal to be achieved which provides a focus for learning and practice.

Success in overcoming anxieties and engaging with the audience can provide such a boost in self confidence that some people want to continue the exciting journey and hone their skills to achieve higher levels.

Foundations of Success provides an in depth development program to create a step change in confidence and skills so that participants are truly empowered to speak! The ability to engage, persuade and motivate a group is a significant asset for leaders in all environments.  This intensive course is designed to stimulate and challenge. Participants are required to prepare, develop and deliver talks which are analysed for feedback. Video recordings enable participants to gain insights into the audience perspective of their presentation. Everyone is encouraged to try different techniques and approaches to identify a personal style that is effective, yet genuine.

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Foundations of success
Foundations of success program

In 5 x 3 hour or 2 full day sessions you will learn:

  • To feel confident in front of a group
  • Ways to embrace your own personal style
  • How to write and prepare for a speech
  • How to speak with purpose
  • The art of telling stories
  • The power of non verbal messages
  • How to use the voice to elicit emotional responses
  • Principles of effective presentations
  • How to handle impromptu opportunities
  • Skills and tips to engage an audience
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