I must admit, I am one of those people who try to get it “right” in most of the things I do.

It is challenging to get it “right” all the time, especially when it comes to communication. I have learned that in order for us to communicate effectively, it’s more important to keep it real and be authentic in what we share. This enables us to engage and connect at a deeper level.

Making a conscious decision to empower yourself to speak from an authentic space is not only inspiring for others, it is also a privilege that you have given yourself to show the world who you really are and what you truly represent.

When trying to get it “right” during a speech, you may be distracted from connecting with the audience. You might look up instead of keeping eye contact with the audience, which makes you less accessible and reduces their engagement.

As much as you prepare, practice and deliver a particular speech or presentation many times over, there is always a possibility that the flow may not go according to plan.

The audience do not laugh at your “planned” jokes, the power point projector is not working or you suddenly have a mental blank.

When these incidences happen, what are you saying to yourself? How ready are you to embrace these situations? Have you attempted to use it to your advantage?

Give yourself permission to be authentic in those moments by being honest with your audience.

This is far more effective than stressing about it not being ‘right’. By demonstrating your frustration or tension, your audience will become uncomfortable and just want you to finish!

When you allow yourself to dance in the moment, and learn to adapt with ad hoc situations that comes up, you will be a more Empowered Speaker.